About Veterans In Construction

Veterans in Construction is 100% Veteran owned and operated. We provide labour hire solutions to Major Construction Projects.

About Us

Veterans in Construction is 100% Veteran owned and operated. We provide labour hire solutions to major construction projects in VIC, ACT, NSW, and QLD

Working in consultation with our clients, we develop a thorough understanding of the requirements of each project and allocate employees with the skillsets required.

Our staff have been trained and tested in the harshest conditions while serving in the Australian Defence Force and bring this resilience to the worksite. Our staff all bring the attributes of military training to their new roles in the construction industry: high levels of discipline, expertise working in teams, lateral thinking and adaptability.

Specific military roles can also bring skills which are highly transferable to construction. Field Engineers can operate machinery, read and interpret plans and supervise sites. Tank and Armoured Vehicle Operators have HR or MC driver’s licences, experience maintaining machinery and are quick to learn new plant and machinery skills. Infantry and logistics employees adapt quickly to new work environments while maintaining an emphasis on safety, teamwork and task focus. The VCS team also includes tradesmen who were carpenters or plumbers in the ADF.

VCS can provide skilled labour for civil construction, building, and rail workers.

As a social enterprise, VCS provide mentoring, upskilling and direct employment for veterans and in 2019, we were proud to be awarded the Prime Ministers Veteran Employment Award.

Meet Our Team


Dave Farrell – Director

Dave served in the Australian Army’s elite Special Air Service Regiment for 17 years and undertook ten operational deployments. During this time, he was awarded one of the nation’s highest awards for bravery on the battlefield, the Medal for Gallantry.


Throughout his career, Dave has relied on his strategic thinking, strong problem solving and robust leadership skills to lead and manage teams which he utilises at VCS.

Recognising that highly trained veterans were not transitioning into careers utilising their skillset, Dave completed his Building Practitioners Licence in 2016 and has been watching his staff thrive on construction sites ever since.

When Dave is not working, he is usually surfing at his favourite break at 13th beach.


Glenn Wallis – Operations/Recruitment Manager

Glenn served with the Australian Army for 15 years in logistical and management positions. He deployed on overseas operations within Battle Groups and on Humanitarian missions and spent 8 years within Special Operations Command. Glenn has a wealth of knowledge of people management and organisational skills.


Glenn is highly personable and since transitioning from the ADF has completed a multitude of construction and project management courses. 

As well as managing our team, Glenn runs our Veteran wellbeing seminars, (Junior site leaders and Construction Leadership), designed to support our staff using key Defence concepts of dynamic and detailed risk assessments and strategic planning. 

Outside of work, Glenn claims to be the #1 bodyboarder in Victoria’s Bellarine region.



Sarah is passionate about her role as a financial manager. Having worked for the past 17 years in Finance & Administration, no challenge is too much for Sarah.

Sarah is a part time artist and enjoys painting in her spare time. 


Jack Turner - NSW Manager

Jack has a distinguished background in military service, having served in the Australian Army as an Infantry Soldier within the Royal Australian Regiment, specifically with the First Battalion.
Throughout his tenure, Jack assumed leadership responsibilities and actively participated in various deployments, including those to Malaysia and numerous disaster relief operations across Australia.
In recognition of his outstanding service, he was awarded a Soldiers Medallion.
During his military career, Jack underwent several leadership and management courses, which have seamlessly transitioned into his current professional endeavours within the construction industry.
Commencing his journey as a labourer within the organisation, he has ascended to the position of managing the New South Wales department, demonstrating his adeptness in organisational leadership and strategic management.
Outside of his professional commitments, Jack enjoys immersing himself in outdoor activities such as hiking, beach outings, and pumping iron.

Why Hire VCS Personnel


Employing Veterans makes good business sense

Australia’s military is renowned for being one of the best in the world. Our service men and women receive world class training, qualifications, experience, and skills.

Throughout a soldier’s career, they are taught how to lead, make calculated decisions, apply risk mitigation strategies, and communicate at all levels.

Values and qualities such as teamwork, integrity, respect and discipline are ingrained in soldiers throughout their career. These traits remain with veterans their entire life.

As veterans ourselves, we know how to recognise the skillsets different veterans bring and how to match them with the right projects and roles. The skills acquired in the Defence Forces translate well to project sites, with both sectors calling for complex tasks to be delivered in challenging environments while always considering the safety of yourself and your team. VCS have the networks and understanding to identify these skills and apply them in a construction setting.

We understand the labour market is highly competitive and we ensure that all clients’ needs are met through our tailored and professional approach to account management alongside rigorous industrial, compliance and safety measures.

All Veterans who apply to join our team are extensively interviewed and have background checks completed to ensure you are getting the best employee for your site.

Veterans are the best workforce available

Veterans are equipped with the skills you need to grow your business. They understand and practice great leadership techniques, communication skills, take the initiative, respect others, and are highly disciplined.

The only thing more efficient than one veteran in construction is a whole team! Shared background and training means veterans are able to work even more effectively as a group and get the most out of each other skills.

Veterans are Priority Job Seekers

The Victorian Government has classified Veterans and their direct family members to the Priority Job Seekers list. Our entire workforce meets this criteria. Veterans in Construction aim to become Australia’s largest employer of Veterans.


Our Workforce comprises of:

  • Apprentices
  • Civil Plant Operators (Roller, Skid Steer, Excavator, F/End Loader, Dozer, Backhoe)
  • CN Telehandler
  • Dogman/Riggers
  • Electrical Spotters
  • First Aiders
  • Landscapers
  • Leading Hands
  • MR & HR Vehicle Licenses
  • Office Administration
  • Site amenities (Peggy duties)
  • Skilled labourers
  • Skilled Trades such as Carpenters, Plumbers, Diesel Fitters
  • Track and Rail workers
  • Traffic Management
  • Tunnellers

Through our Veteran employment program, we regularly conduct skill reviews of our team and provide additional training to meet the ongoing demands of worksites.