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When veterans return home, the transition from military to civilian life can be challenging. Many veterans struggle with finding work and adjusting to a life that doesn’t have the same structure as life in the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Our Servicemen and women have become accustomed to applying themselves to their work at a high standard, and without a constructive outlet to do that at home, veterans can face more challenges that can be devastating. Our mission is to change that.

Veterans in Construction/VCS helps veterans that have returned to civilian life to find work within the construction industry. Currently, we operate in Victoria, but are planning an expansion throughout Australia.

If you’re a veteran that has a returned home and you’re looking for work, we want to hear from you. It doesn’t matter when you returned to civilian life. You can register online and be contacted for job opportunities. If you’re a construction company then you have the opportunity to hire the best Australia has to offer; veterans have many ‘non tangible skills’ such as Teamwork, Mission Focus, Integrity, Loyalty, Initiative, and Adaptability amongst others. If you’re looking to hire then you be contacted when we have a veteran that suits your company’s needs.

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